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Versatility and performance have taken the GROUNDSMAN Turf multi Cutters around the globe and even into a block buster movie set with a custom built record breaking 80cm (32”) wide cutting blade.


Northern Ireland based company Groundsman Industries have just launched the model TMC4 Turf multi Cutter to complement the extremely successful general purpose landscape and hire model TMC2 launched last year.

The TMC4 is from the same stable as the well respected TCDRB34 rear blade four wheel drive ‘Turf Multi Cutter’ introduced by Groundsman Industries five years ago. This new model retains the same twin axle rear blade layout as it’s predecessor but the ground drive is transmitted by an oil filled disengaging worm gear-box replacing the drive chains. The blade drive has retained the low maintenance quite running flat toothed belt used on the earlier models but a plunger clutch has been introduced to disengage the blade drive independently of the engine and ground-drive clutches for safer easier transportation. Low handle-bar vibration levels have widely been recognised on the Groundsman TCDRB34 Turf Cutter machines as being the lowest on the market but the new TMC4 has taken even this to a new low level according to recent tests.

As with the original TCDRB machine, the TMC4 has been designed for the professional who wants to cut and relay turf such as Golf Clubs and Turf Farms. The TCGCO Guillotine Chop Off attachment is available to automatically cut the sod to preset lengths for handling and relaying. The Reel Insertion Attachment (RIA) can also be fitted to the new TMC4 model which is now fitted standard with an 8HP Honda GX240 engine giving it the power to perform this task. The rear mounting position put the blade under the second axle giving this machine the ability to cut very thin turf maintaining a consistent thickness even on the most rolling terrain while also providing the out-of-work ground clearance to enable the use of cutting blades down to 5” depth such as the centre mounting de-compaction and mole drainage blades. The rear centrally located blade tri-pad mounting gives these machines more flexibility than on traditional turf cutters for a variety of blade types, the standard sod-blade widths are 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch but Groundsman can offer advice and manufacture special blades for many tasks such as multi strip cutting for bunker building, trenching or wedge blades for cable, pipe or material insertion. The TMC4 has the ability to work in fine and rough turf conditions.

This versatility coupled the sod cutting ability and operating comfort are qualities that have spawned the sales of the Groundsman Turf multi Cutter range far beyond these shores to Europe, Soviet Union, Middle East, Korea, India, Australia the USA and Mexico.

All Groundsman products have all been designed and are manufactured by Groundsman Industries in N. Ireland. Being a small company with a highly developed and active R&D (research and development) department enables Groundsman to keep a finger on the pulse with feedback coming directly from the machine operators on the ground directly to the engineering drawing board ( 3D CAD)

This ability was well illustrated when Groundsman Industries were contacted with a very unusual request, to supply a Turf Cutter with a whopping 80cm wide cutting blade for a very special landscaping application. This width of sod cutting with a pedestrian machine seemed unrealistic so we asked the obvious questions such as why so wide, what exactly is the application and have you thought how you will lift such a wide roll of turf. When very little additional information was forth-coming we thought someone was playing a practical joke. As it turned out the call was from the man in charge of a team responsible for preparing the landscape sets during the making of The Chronicles of Narnia movie being shot on location in the Czech Republic. A special blade with additional stiffening ribs and a blade stabiliser were developed and fitted to a Groundsman Turf Cutter fitted with a special hydrostatic drive and a 9HP engine.

Billy Warke the owner and designer of the Groundsman range commissioned this very special machine on location at a very remote site in the upper slopes of the Middle Mountains. The remote site was chosen by the movie producers because nowhere to be seen was any clue such as power-lines or buildings, to suggest that it was the twentieth century. Thousands of tons of gravel were being hauled in to make a temporary access road to this location. A movie-set castle was being constructed and a huge pit was being excavated which was to be covered with suspended sod through which chariots and horses would plunge to give the effect that they were being swallowed up by the ground. An 80cm wide sod cut could well be a world record width of cut for a pedestrian sod cutter but in this remote place a lot of turf had to be cut and moved in a very short space of time to keep it fresh and realistic between shoots and a pedestrian turf cutter was the only machine that could access and be operated in such a location. In those less than favourable conditions, cutting on a steep incline the machine was certainly tested to its limits. We learned that the machine continued with its movie career calling on its versatility to carry out other tasks such as to bury explosive cable under the grass for special effects. Ironically it came back to visit the factory when last year it was commissioned to work on a movie production being shot in Belfast.

The global success of these patented products against worldwide competitors is encouraging and has given Groundsman Industries the confidence and encouragement to continued thinking outside the box with the development work that has been the bedrock on which the company has been built.

Groundsman Industries design, manufacture and market their own unique brand of products and hold many patents worldwide.

For more information on the Groundsman Turf multi Cutters, Turf Aerators and Soil / Core Collector products please visit www.groundsmanindustries.com website where you can download PDF brochures, watch short video clips or browse through an abundance of information.

Billy Warke


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