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A question of waste


If hosepipe bans become drought orders then golf clubs will be banned from using water on equipment – unless it is recycled, as Tim Earley reports

HISTORICALLY, WE HAVE always relied on our reservoirs being refilled during the winter. However, two unusually dry winters has left reservoirs, aquifers and rivers well below normal levels in many parts of the country. The start of the drought was largely restricted to the south east of the country, but this is now spreading across large swathes of the country with rivers such as the Kennet, which runs from Wiltshire to Berkshire, virtually dry since September 2011!

Officials are now beginning to plan for what could happen in 2013, if a third dry winter plays havoc with water supplies. The recent emergency drought summit chaired by the environment secretary has highlighted the seriousness of the situation, as has the minister’s grave fears that a continuing drought could cause widespread severe water shortages.

The south east of England and East Anglia are already in the grip of the UK’s worst drought in 30 years. Seven water companies covering south east England and East Anglia have recently announced hosepipe bans and the Environment Agency is warning water use restrictions may need to be imposed as far north as Yorkshire if the prolonged dry weather continues.

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With the population of the UK now well past 60 million and heading towards 70 million, pressure on water supplies is only going to continue to increase, whether it rains or not. Prudent use of water will be expected by everyone to try and avoid future shortages. The authorities are actively promoting a number of initiatives, including the use of recycled water wherever possible, to assist the efforts to avoid future water shortages.

Golf courses need to ensure they are environmentally responsible and yet many continue to ‘waste’ up to a million litres per course undertaking the (necessary) task of washing-off golf course maintenance equipment using mains’ water. This raises the question of why, for example, is a tractor being washed-off with potable drinking water when recycling wash-off systems are available?

The Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System is the perfect answer for washing your equipment in drought conditions:

• The recycling wash-off system continually reuses the same water, reducing water usage by a massive 90 per cent.

• It is fully authorised for use even during periods of a drought order.

With the anticipation that the hosepipe bans will be upgraded to full drought orders in the near future, now is the time to upgrade to a Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System. If imposed, a drought order will ban washing-off vehicles and equipment unless a recycling wash-off system is used.

Installing a Waste2Water system ensures you can continue with necessary equipment cleaning operations even during periods of drought.

Tim Earley is the managing director of Waste2Water.

Tim Earley


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