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Waste of things 2 come


Several of the winners of the Golf Environment Awards have one thing in common: They have a Waste2Water course machinery recycling wash-off system that can also convert contaminated grass clippings into compost, writes Tim Earley

Congratulations to the golf clubs that won the STRI Golf Environment Awards 2012!

Waste2Water is proud and delighted to be associated with the environmental award winning clubs below; with installation of our Recycling Wash-Off System assisting their end eavour to ensure their courses are environmentally sustainable.

Environmental award winners Thorpeness Golf Club (OverallAchievement Award), Dan McGrath(Conservation Greenkeeper of the Year– from North Foreland Golf Club), Hanckley Common Golf Club(Southern Regional Award) and The Roehampton Club (Water Management Award) all use Waste2Water’s recycling system. The success of Thorpeness Golf Club in Suffolk as the overall winner follows Loch Lomond Golf Club in Scotland, overall winner in 2011,which also has its own Waste2Watersystem.

In addition to installing the Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System to wash-off its equipment, Ian Willett, course manager of Thorpeness Golf Club, has developed an additional benefit of installing a Waste2Water system – he’s used it to open a largescale composting facility for nearby residents, utilising grass clippings. Ian is delighted with his environmentally friendly composter, which has helped promote environmental awareness of the golf course to the local community, commenting: “We are very proud of our environmental track record and aspire to be a model for how to run a sustainable, environmentally friendly golf course.”

The large capacity composting bins at Thorpeness Golf Club utilise composted grass clippings washed off the equipment. The Waste2Water system microbes ingest (eat) any contaminants present in the grass clippings ensuring they are safe to compost and dramatically accelerate the natural composting processing at the same time, producing high volume / high quality compost in a very short timescale. “The Waste2Water system not only cleans our equipment but also assists us to produce superb compost from an otherwise waste product. Free compost has proved a major hit,” commented Ian.

By their very nature, golf course maintenance operational activities are likely to cause pollution. Activities including equipment refuelling, chemical handling and equipment wash-off all pose a significant potential pollution risk, so it is very important that controls are in place to minimise this risk.

It is a criminal offence to allow certain substances, including mineral oils, detergents and chemicals to enter surface drains, watercourses or soakaways, causing groundwater pollution. If your club has not made proper provision to control this risk and a spillage occurs, you may be personally liable with a fine of up to £50,000 and imprisonment for a serious infringement.

A Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System is an essential part of today’s golf course maintenance facility to ensure environmental stewardship and contribute to environmental sustainability. Installing a Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System removes the risk of groundwater pollution and reduces wash water usage by more than 90 per cent by cleaning and storing the wash water for continual re-use.

In addition to providing a superb wash facility, the recycling wash-off system treats the potential pollutants arising from golf course maintenance operations. Equipment wash-off, refuelling, degreasing, chemical mixing and any other potentially polluting activities can all be undertaken on the pad, removing any risk of groundwater pollution arising from the routine activities of the maintenance facility.

Installing a Waste2Water system could not be easier, often retro-fitting into an existing area to minimise the budget.

If you are considering upgrading your facilities to improve your environmental credentials just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

Tim Earley


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